The Perfect Espresso should be the base for all of your drinks. Alessandro Caffe's Espresso is made up exclusively of 100% Arabica beans, rich, full bodied, with rich aroma and the consistent quality that we provide. The Perfect Espresso will satisfy both of your professional and domestic needs. In order to make a good Espresso it is necessary to follow this recipe:


THE BLEND: Only using the finest Arabica beans will provide a balanced between bitterness and acidity as well as fragrant aroma and full body.

THE GRINDER: Adjust your grinder until you find the perfect setting which should allow an extraction time of between 20-30 seconds for home brewing. The exact dose of coffee 6 to 7 grams per cup.

THE MACHINE: The machine you use needs to have the right temperature as well as the correct water pressure. A water softener must be installed on the waterline to prevent calcium build up in machine. Your machine should be cleaned twice a week or more with special products to ensure the steady flow of water into your espresso cup.

THE OPERATOR: The right training provided by Alessandro Caffe will produce a delightful cup of Espresso for your customers' enjoyment.