Different blends serves different needs and tastes, especially for Espresso. Tasting samples from various sources is indispensable in finding a great blend. It is very advisable to know particular characteristics from every region. Levels of acidity varies. Some are more full bodied, have earthly-woody flavors and some are chocolaty. At Alessandro Caffe, our great blend begins by constantly and accurately checking the quality of the 100% Arabica green beans we select. Arabica Beans contains almost 2% caffeine while Robusta beans may contain up to three times more, as much 4.5%. Arabica Beans flourish at higher altitudes between 3,000 and 7,000 ft, are more delicate and require more intensive cultivation.


Lower quality Robusta Beans are less known. Arriving on the market with a much lower price tag than Arabica beans, the characteristics are also very different. Arabica coffee has a very pronounced aroma, mild, rounded, a hint of chocolate. Robusta Beans are more bitter and not as aromatic and rich. Just like wine, Alessandro Caffe believes in blending coffee from different regions in order to achieve the perfect taste profile.


Roasting requires great skill and expertise. It is an amazing sensory experience during and after the roast, the smell and the sound of the beans tumbling in the roaster and the transformation of the coffee beans in color and shape. Here, at Alessandro Caffe, a blend of 100% Arabica beans are mixed a day or two ahead of roasting. We roast small batches at medium temperature to ensure the quality and taste of our blend. Our roasts are light cinnamon to medium/dark French Roasts.

Roasting time ranges from 30-40 min. Using our slow, natural cooling system, no water is sprayed on beans. They are allowed to cool openly for hours to lock in the flavor. After cooling, our coffee is packaged same day to seal in the freshness. Our unique, high quality coffee beans from around the world are a favorite of restaurants and coffee houses all over Los Angeles. The personal touch of love we put in is a commitment to create the Perfect Cup of Coffee for your enjoyment.